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Someone who listens to heavy metal / rock. Dressing mainly in black but without make up, half way between a Goth and a Mosher.
Go + sher = Gosher

also see Moth
I listen to Korn and SoulFly, but i dont wanna wear makeup, but i like the black look. am I a goth or a mosher.

"you are a Gosher"
by RocketDan September 07, 2004
1. The second conjugation form of gosh.
2. Another annoying word to say to get people pissed off.
Variations: Goshies, Goshums, Gosh
John: Goshers, that shit sucks ass...
by Adelbert January 12, 2005
An insult that can mean anything.
Janvier looked like a gosher.
by General_Truffles March 10, 2003