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The female act or purposely or accidently queefing/farting onto the present and penetrating male penis. It is used as a rapist detterent in third world countries and can be a very useful tool to "reject" a guy.
Pedro: Ok, Im going in.....ughhhhhhhh

Claire: *goooorrttttt*

Pedro: Yo B, what de fuck?

Claire: *goooooorrrtttt* *goorrttt* last one> *gort*

Pedro: Ohhhh noooo, mira cabrona! That last one wasnt a "gort"......................

Rapist: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Female Prey: *goooort* Thats right asshole, fuck off

Rapist: Godamnit where'd they learn to that gorting shit.
(note: if the rapist has a poop fetish, this will only further harden his erection)
by MiraCabron1234098765 August 07, 2012