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3 definitions by HAZ_DP_PIMP

a woman that is very floosy in doing so her pussy is very loose as loose as a goose due to the fact that gooses migrate south for the winter making them a very loose wild animal so loose+ goose = loosy goosy
Dang that girl is loosy goosy or Dang im not talking to nancy cause i heard she loosy goosy
by HAZ_DP_PIMP March 07, 2010
a cocky male athlete that has an a unusually small penis, but is still very willing to have sex with anybody
dude1: hey how was that tournament yesterday
Dude2: man im hella upset cause i was talking to some girl and joe pulled a memito on me
Dude1:so what happened?
Dude2:she hooked up with him even though he's a memito
by HAZ_DP_PIMP March 07, 2010
a girl that likes to engage in sexual acts with men of other nationalities and races
Dude 1: hey we need to get that German foreign exchange student laid
Dude 2: lets get him to talk to diedre shes such a nancy she'll be down at any party
by HAZ_DP_PIMP March 07, 2010