1. The act in which a person screws something up, or to be a screw-up (being a "goose")
2. To be extremely drunk on the vodka brand "Grey Goose"
1. You: "Uh-oh, i forgot to give that woman her five dollars in change"

Me: "You goosed it, bud!"

2. You: "I drank so much last night that I don't remember anything"

Me: "You got really goosed on vodka and then passed out with that haggard ass chick.
#drunk #high #fuck up #screw up #idiot #dumbass #fucked #goose #animal #wasted
by GooseMan March 26, 2013
Goosed is old school slang for fucked, coming from the rhyming slang Goose and Duck, therefore to goose someone is to fuck them, if you've goosed someone then it's the passed tense 'Fucked'
I gave her a good plating then i goosed her
#goose #goosed #goosing #plated #plating
by sharking October 10, 2009
To "pull out" or "eject" rapidly during intercourse and ejaculate on your partners belly.
I totally mavericked her hole, ejected from the cockpit, and goosed on her belly!
#sexual #ejaculate #eject #cockpit #belly
by brainstorm85 April 20, 2011
The act of a dog putting their nose in your frontal crotch area.
1. That dog totally just goosed me! I feel so violated!
#dog #goose #violated #greeting #dog greeting
by xskwizmx March 28, 2010
Frequently prefixed by "pure", as a substitute for "very".
1. To be drunk, e.g. "I was pure goosed last night boss".
2.To be hungover, e.g. "I drank a bottle of gone-off whiskey last night. Pure goosed today".
3. To be caught committing an inappropriate or illegal act. e.g. "I got goosed by the shades (police) for my flagrant lack of pants"
4. To have rang someone's (mobile) phone and hung up after the first 2 rings, so the number will show up and the recipient will call you back, or alternatively, just to be a bollocks. e.g. "Michael goosed my phone"
5.To have grabbed someone's arse (archaic).
6. To have suffered an unfortunate event or set of circumstances, or to express sympathy with such a happening. e.g. Tony: "I fucked up my 'Introduction to Aromatherapy' exam again. "
Oliver: "Oh, goosed".
7. To play a practical joke on someone, or take revenge for such an act, e.g. "I'm gonna goose him good for posting those bondage photos on the Internet"
by Eldritch August 29, 2003
to have the mic taken out of u. if someone was to impersonate you in a comedic way. to make fun of.
'youve been goosed'
'don't goose me'
'they are goosing him'
#mic #goose #goosing #goosd. gosed #impersonate #piss
by seren black November 04, 2009
When a bird drops their "business" on an unsuspecting person.
Damn, that old man in the park just got goosed on.
by Gautam March 30, 2004
adj. 1. a feeling of overwhelmedness
2. a feeling of frusteration
3. a feeling of joy
4. all emotions easily substituted by the word
5. the new "owned"
2. GAH! I didn't study for this test! I'm SO goosed!
3. Yay! I passed my test! I'm SO goosed about this!
4. Why're YOU so goosed?
5. oo, goosed!!
by Queen Weenus August 22, 2005
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