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Cranberry juice and Grey goose vodka.
when you go to the store will you pick me up some goose juice?
by Pr!n3ess July 19, 2008
Something that drips down your lah-vaa's chin.
by Baller-Ass Nigga July 08, 2003
the female equivalent of duck butter
sue rubbed her goose juice all over johnny's pillow.
by rrrrjjjj August 20, 2011
Synonym for Viagra, Cialis, or any other pharmaceutical intended to cure Erectile Dysfunction.
My wife blew me for over an hour and I couldn't get it up. It must be time to go to the doctor for some goose juice.
by Dick Dudley June 11, 2009
The Fluids that drip from a goose while your cooking it.
When I say cooking I really mean fucking.
Jeremy was sucking a dick when he got the idea to make goose juice.
by Thomas Fudge August 08, 2006