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High, under the influence of drugs, primarily marijuana.
shorty was talking crazy, I think she was gooped.
by C.A.P August 02, 2007
1. another form of "Chomped"
2. to get embarrassed publicly
Man: Girl, you ugly as hell!

Woman: Nigga, don't get gooped!
by Abug January 29, 2007
A sensation in which a person is at the point of inebriation under any substance in which the body is asleep, but the mind is fully awake.

A person that seems to be asleep, but is mentally fully aware of their surroundings.
Lucas: Dude, you were so high last night you fell asleep.
Pardoo: No I didn't, I was just gooped.
by Captain Shabby October 08, 2014
To bust a nut or ejeculate on someone or something.
Yo man I was f*ckin this broad right and I pulled out and gooped on her face!
by Cj Quinn April 27, 2010
A vulgar term reffering to the state of a vagina after cumming inside.
Aw man, I can't belive you gooped the cooch.
by Tony Canoli February 25, 2011

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