Slang term for shrooms.
Hey man, lets get some goomies.
by Joe Syae March 08, 2007
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The cutest little ball of draconic sludge that will destroy all your rival's dreams.
Goomy is the only Pokemon anybody ever wanted.
"Hey man who's your favourite gen IV starter?"
"... but... but Goomy isn't a..."
"Goomy is whatever I say it is because Goomy is the best."
by I Am Goomy October 20, 2013
Our Lord and Savior
All hail Goomy

Goomy pls
by The Nameless nigger November 17, 2013
To possess things. To say really off-beat sayings, like "smells like butt!", "I dunno, but Jesus did" "Drink the blood!"
Any Hominid, shortish and hairy, from a mediteranian Island, usually possessing low confidence.
by Ed Wood February 11, 2005

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