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A person that says random stupid things, that he/she even knows it's random and dumb. They usually have a vulgar odor and aren't cultured. The term "Goomp!" is usually used right after they say the stupid random thing.
"Hey guys, wanna come on my boat?" - goomp
"Okay sure"
"There's gonan be chix there, and we can fuck them" - goomp

"hey what are we doin for ur birthday?"
"my dad said we can go to a strip club and maybe drink alcohol." - goomp
"no he didnt"
"I know" - goomp

by benzobrist March 08, 2008
Slang term for the act of male ejaculation, or for the semen itself.
1. Those calves are so sexy I could just goomp all over them.

2. I need to find a car wash that can clean the goomp stains off the back seat of my car.
by Magnus Malan October 03, 2011
GOOMP, OMG! Goomp is that big back walking pile of goo. Mostly goomps are very inactive but like to downtalk others.

A goomp is that trash talking, nasty mouth chick or dude that's enormously large and slow moving.
A slothy sluggish individual. A slouchy, lazy, gluttonous person.
An extremely unmotivated person. Proud with low self-esteem.
Goomps always have their mouths open talking mess but nothing good ever comes out.
A bleach body bottomed person or a bad body chick.
Goomps are tacky and ill dressed for no reason.
She is always talking about how many chicks she has, with her goomp self.
No im not a goomp, and im not trying to loose weight, im just big boned.

Pootie is such a goomp, everyone else is working out, while she sits there eating a cake, 2 foot long subs, a 2 liter, and milk duds.
Thats why he dont have any chicks because he goomp ass wont groom and dress himself.
by Spookdafied Bah May 01, 2010
-a pile feces
-i left a goomp in the toilet today
-u goomp!
by no1 April 20, 2004
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