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That special time of the day spent wasting company money by dicking around on the internet. Most google time occurs between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
"Screw the deadline, it's google time baby"

"Brett's boss found him in the middle of a serious Google Time session. Needless to say, he got written up."
by kmnprime February 18, 2010
"invest a little google time"
deciding that an idea, problem or fact is deserving of several minutes of research via

Your time is valuable and the internet is full of distractions thus making google-time a commodity.
after recent conversations with my wife, I've decided to invest a little google-time into better understanding why our betta fish hasn't eaten anything since we bought him almost 2 weeks ago.
by cweave January 24, 2011
time to go on the internet- usually takes place in school during computer class, where no work is done and everyone just plays minigolf.
teacher: This is NOT googletime boys.

boys: Googletime!

teacher: I'm going straight down to the vice principles office if there's any messing. I'm not putting up with it.
by U NO WHOO February 23, 2007
When you have no idea what something is, so you Google it.
"I don't know shit about this. Google time "
by SoldYerSpy February 28, 2015
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