the word googleit is derived from the two words "google" and "it". however, when used together they take on a whole new meaning. whenever a question is asked of someone and they have no clue as to the answer, out of sheer and utter intelligence, the answer should be: GOOGLE IT!!!!!!
Charles asked me, " what is an antenem?" I thought it was my mothers sister and all of her children. But as to not make him look bad, i kindly said, "I don't know charles, GOOGLEIT"!!!
by sweetontweety7777 December 06, 2009
to promote more efficient conversations, the answer for all questions that can be answered with common knowledge or facts, or any information retrievable from the internet.
Mike - "Hey, help me figure out how to get this stain out of my favorite pants."

Jenny - "Google it."
by ponderopus July 04, 2009
1. The first and only two words that you should teach your children.

2. The universal answer to all questions.

3. The answers to all of the questions on Jeopardy

3. (v.) The act of googling something
The answer to all of the questions on Jeopardy are "google it Alec".
by Wikipedius Degreeus November 26, 2011
Googleit is an action to which you use the website Google to look something up.
(question) I wonder why my legs are feeling kind of numb ? (answer) You should Googleit !

What's that movie that Drew Barrymore was in ?

I don't know.......Googleit !

How can I use vinegar to clean my floors ? Googleit !
by Whodouwantit2be February 07, 2014
When you can not answer a complicated question
Ann:Susie how long does it take for the earth to orbit the sun.
Susie: That goes way back, how am I supposed to know google it
by Gardner9876 February 23, 2013
To check a word for actual use before filing a delete request
Don't file "made up word" deletions without first googling it.
by Random832 December 14, 2004
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