Google Chrome is a new browser from Google, that supports a single / multi process for tabs.
Jim: The only creation Google needs to do to take over Microsoft is to create an OS. Just because of Google's logo being slapped onto the OS, It will be come incredibility popular, just like Google Chrome has been.

Bob: Yeah, but anyone can take over Microsoft. Microsoft's products are terrible.
by TimmyTim123 September 10, 2008
Google's trash wannabe browser trying to attract noobs to use them
Google chrome sucks, worst browser ever
by ticalc June 16, 2009
An absolute buggy piece of shit that can't render websites half the time and crashes when you use flash.

Also every web site you go to gets sent to google.
I uninstalled google chrome today. I'm glad I purged my hard drive of that excuse for a web browser.
by Firefox Guy April 11, 2009
A Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari rip-off.
OMG open source! Let's make a crap browser with the name "Google Chrome"!
by Anon3434 September 03, 2008
Google's attempt at a web browser. Several small features one would expect from Google, but overall, no better than IE or Firefox.
Google Chrome was released 9/2/08.
by Smash360 September 05, 2008
see piece of shit
person1: dude i just downloaded google chrome and its bad!

person2: lmao even though its open source it sucks balls fuck google for trying to dominate the internet firefox for life!

person1: Yep!
by clitmaster69 September 02, 2008
A new search engine made by google.
guy 1: have you heard of google chrome?
guy 2: no what is it?
guy 1: it's a new web browser made by google
guy 2: that's pretty cool. i'll look into it. there's no way it's better than firefox though.
by pseudonym15 September 18, 2008

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