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1.)Google penalizes a website for buying and selling links.

2.)Google penalizes a website for being misleading such as having stealthy links or scripts.
I got Google slapped for selling links to a website selling Viagra.
by blogaboutnothin April 06, 2009
In the future, when Google can actually reach out and slap people for asking questions in an online public forum that could have easily been answered with a Google search.
Wow, she really deserves a Google slap for asking the Facebook group where to get a windshield wiper blade fixed!
by Crazy Schnauzer January 21, 2015
someone thinks they have the correct answer or fact and another person proves them wrong by looking up the correct word via the internet or popular search engine.
brandon was cought in a lie when sarah gave him the google-slap with the correct answer.

opposite: brandon looked up the facts in order to avoid the google-slap from sarah.
by upsetguy February 05, 2010
Unlike the "google slap" which means the company GOOGLE is punishing a website- this term is used when someone says something really questionable as if they knew what they were talking about and someone googles the facts and then slaps them publicly with the proof they are full of shit.
Dan said that Obama was actually born outside the USA. I googled it and then publicly humiliated him for his ignorance. I google slapped him.
by mikepiola July 31, 2009
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