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The first syllable in the company name, Google Inc., a Mountain View based technology company devoted to organizing "the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Due to the company's impressive ability to consistently render "good" results with whatever it is you may want from them, the word "goog" has come to replace the English word "good."

The words are used interchangeably, yet "goog" has significant more emphasis on the quality of the product, more closely aligned to words like "amazing," "terrific," or "brilliant."
In the year 2007, I would have said that this cake was good, but today I say it is goog!

So you aced your LSAT's, have an amazing job, party hard, have a hot girlfriend, and are the man. How goog can you be?
by Tyrone Schiff November 19, 2007
11 15
goog an ecstacy pill. a pill which includes ingredients such as MDMA,PDMA,K etc.
lets go out tonight. robbie's got heaps of googs.
by Robbie f March 22, 2006
273 89
An affectionate term for Google.
"Oh Googs, you're my favourite."
by fred327 December 25, 2007
152 91
Noun: an ecstasy pill, or Verb: to goog; to be under the influence of ecstasy
See also googing, googer
Hey man you're eyes are huge, you googing hard yeah? OR: I got 10 googs in the pocket, this is going to be one silly night!
by Desmond McRussian April 27, 2007
110 60
the "twitch" or "jump" of an extremely hard dick.
"He was so into it. He googed when I took off my bra." or "It was googing and all I did was look at it!"
by Elerrina Rose November 05, 2007
78 59
Ecstasy Pill
Those goog's (plural) were insane!!!
by OutBreak^Monkey February 12, 2003
78 62
A shortening for the word google
Oi mate can ya goog the result of the footy match?
by Jack top 4% July 08, 2011
26 15
Teenage boy who cannot get an erection due to upsetting circumstances previously, no matter how sexually attractive the female is.
Person 1:You're such a goog, you couldnt even get hard.
Person 2:Hey its not my fault, she was crying before we tried.
Person 1:I dont care if she was crying or not, shes really hot.
Person 2:screw you
Person 1:To bad you couldnt get hard to do so
Person 2:Whatever
Person 1:Goog.
by Trippie420Hippie December 09, 2009
39 30