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The act of lifting your penis and pressing ones ball sack against a translucent surface (usually a shower door). Almost always combined with an attempt to get an unsuspecting victim to look at the display. The victim sees something shaped like a large clam (like a "geoduck" --pronounced gooey duck), hence the name)
1. Chaz just totally gave his fiance, Ann, the gooey duck. I wonder if she'll still marry him?
2. Goddamn! I just got the gooey duck from Andy. I think I'm blind!
by killer jr September 08, 2008
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aka geoduck (Mollusca) has large clam digger
Seattle ho's run the beaches looking for gooey duck. Then squeese their clam digger's just to see how far it will squirt! wsu
by itichie_nocanpo August 27, 2006
Big Floppy Dildo like object that resembles an uncircumsized penis...aka Robbie Loehle
Ryan Jutras likes to hump Gooey Duck Gineys... cuz they have gineys????!!!!
by Tiffany January 05, 2004
The "Gooey Duck" is when you and your lady friend are having sex in a pool, hot tub, or any other body of water, and when you cum you pull out and put one of her legs on the side of the pool and jizz on it. That way, when she puts it back in the water, she swims weird because she is trying to get it all off, much in the way a duck would swim if it had something sticky stuck to it's leg.
Dray: I gave Nicole Peaslee a gooey duck when we had sweet HxC sex all night in the pool last night because she is hot and loves my naked body.

Haney: Okay. . .
by smellybaptist June 24, 2007
Overall Famous Runescape Clan Leader.
Wow Look At Gooey Duck! Isnt He Cool!
by Mysticsayen January 06, 2005

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