Originating on starcraft to be a legitamit way to end a game, win or lose. With the release of Warcraft III eventually it became a way to taunt the losing team. Many people use the phrase today in and out of Warcraft. Good Game Losers, the best clan on Azeroth, as well as after arguments people who have "won" the argument would say GG No Re(ply) KThx(Sarcastically And Blindly assuming you wont talk back) BBQ (No Idea Why).
Me: Good God You Suck, Get That Noob Shit Out Of Here
Noob: Shut Up!!!11one
Me: Good Game NoRe KThx
by WARF! December 08, 2004
To smack somone on the ass producing sexual pleasure. Then saying "good game" so its not so obvious.
"Tippy likes the good games."
by Karma December 01, 2003
The act of swiftly grabbing another man's genitals and initiating the 'good game exclaim' whereby only one male may be permitted to affirm. this is usually to show the fact that the gamee has accomplished a ballsy act.
Fred: Nice tackle Frankie! GOOD GAME! (slaps crouch)
Frankie: Urgh...thanks.
by ghibley February 12, 2010
GG = good game, also used in the context of "get lost, you suck, hahaha omg you suck, your finished, etc. etc." and all other such ways of completely degrading someone who has just lost, either in a game, or in life in general

See "GG"
WOLF (2:31:09 AM): she's a funny girl
Slim (2:31:36 AM): funny = WIN
WOLF (2:32:30 AM): u know she's pudgy
Slim (2:32:37 AM): how pudgy is pudgy?
Slim (2:32:51 AM): i mean my ex was a lil pudgy but it was all good... if pudgy just means flat out fat then GG
by GxSlim July 24, 2002
The quality of the breasts, this may refer to the pert or shape. Not just the typical large mammory glands.
That petite lady has really "good game"... they resemble two grapefruits tied in a napkin!?
by Beavis the Viking March 03, 2008
A friendly male to male pat on the butt. To congradulate one another on the game that was just played.
The boy gave the other boy and good game the only one interpreted it in the wrong way and gave him his number later.
by Fab Fil December 24, 2002

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