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Used sarcastically in place of "Good Job". Esp. in the gaming community.
Player 1: Is friendly fire on?
Wolverine X: Did your nade blow up half your own team? Good game you noob.
by Wolverine X April 29, 2005
58 31
The act of slapping the ass of a member of the same sex, but to avoid the cloud of homosexuality, after the ass slap you say "good game." Using this phrase will thereby negate any homosexual connotations, according to the ChickenHawk.
I was in team yesterday, and this mohawked motherfucker gave me a "good game."
by Haywood Jablumpkin April 11, 2009
289 78
The act of viciously slapping someone on the rear, must be called out beforehand with "good game" much like the ball tag , cooter cudgel , or abortion punch . Can result in Ass Elbow
Nolan: OWWW! I think you popped one of my hemorrhoids.
by Dick McFeely February 24, 2005
51 27
The mutual agreement that the currenct conversation has reached it's maximum level of awkwardness and should be terminated immediately.
Tom - Hey man hows your mom?!
Jim - My parents recently died in a fiery plane crash.
Tom - Riiight...
Jim - Good Game
Tom - Good Game indeed
by OfficialBGTD January 05, 2012
7 3
V. The act of slapping one on the ass and proclaiming "Good game."
I can't believe Mateo just good gamed that cop.
by Jeff Brooks September 08, 2005
24 21
a bond trading legend in the sterling and high yield market. also a term used in tooting
gosh, he had a goodgame today. not a bad day's work
by sterlingchap January 10, 2008
4 3
The act of slapping someone of the same sex on the ass but calling "Good Game" right after in order to maintain your Heterosexuality.
John: *Slaps Sean in the ass*
Sean: *stares angrily*
John: "Good Game."
by Wanterito December 09, 2010
6 11