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screwing around, but not really accomplishing anything
Guy 1: "Hey man what are you up to?"
Guy 2: "Eh, not much, just goobin' around."
by Josh November 21, 2003
A Goobin is a super goober / hardcore person whose been a goober. It's a pormanteau of been and goober. Together they become a Goobin.

ps. a goobin is not, and never was a literal goo-bin, or a bin for goo. That's just dumb.
Dude, that was awesome, your are such a goober.

Nah, I've been a goober, now I'm a goobin.
by Dr. Dingle Dongle June 08, 2011
Plural Back Slang for people who've been goofing off.
Whatcha up to all these days?

Nothing, we're just messing out on the streets practicing our new tricks.

Man, you guys are just a bunch of goobins

Ain't nothing criminal about that.

Too true. Too true. Enjoy away, I say than.
by Mjr TJ Kong June 08, 2011
Back slang for - been goofing. Especially when the goofing is taken to a serious pro level.
Nothing we're just goobin' -- been goofing around town -- hitting some serious street action hardcore - pro style.
by Mjr TJ Kong June 08, 2011
The chick you are currently stabin is your goobin. A bin for your goo, if you will.
I am going to take this goobin home and fill her with goo.
by Pimp Daddy May 14, 2003
the act of one(male or female) having a good time during intercourse or any type of sexual activity (including masterbaiting)and ejaculating prematurly.Or simply put cumming
Im that Goobin catchin man
by GilliamBoi January 03, 2008
A word used back in the day to describe whores. The term comes from the idea that the girls are "bins for goo."
Hehe...That bitch is a goobin! She blew the whole town!
by Brockman September 15, 2003
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