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Being overly intoxicated shit-faced
Holy shit I'm fucking Goobered man...
by Phil Miller October 09, 2006
to be goobered is the ultimate punishment --- expecially when you're goobered by Sars Mathface
Aaaaaah! I'm about to be goobered!

You'd better watch your back --- someone's apt to goober you is you keep talking like that.
by The Wig November 16, 2006
1)The absolute, highest you can be off marijuana
2)being so stoned you have no sense of the world anymore
E.g. 1
"Bro I took 6 dabs ever my first time smoking, I was Goobered"

E.g 2
"I got so Goobered I stared at a wall for 6 hours without even knowing it"
by BPatek October 09, 2014