A person who personifies one or more of the following words (among others): stupid, odd, nonsensical, oblivious, inconsequential, dopey, goofy, absurd, bizarre, laughable

most commonly used to describe someone participating in some sort of shenanigans or simply someone looking retarded as fuck
Example 1: "HAHAHAHA!! guy's over there dancin' like a fucking gome!"

Example 2: *spots a small group of guys wearing either ed hardy shirts or tanks"
"look at these fucking gomes"
by Adrastea January 12, 2014
To shit oneself by accident
ROFL, did you hear about what happened to Eric on the way home from school? Yeah, he pulled a Gomes. Diarrhea running all down his leg!
by Smotts March 08, 2005
Worse than a Gomez, Gomer and Guido combined. Gomes is a steamy, ultra-runny, chunky (peanuts), light tan colored, most vile pile of diarrhea that one accidentally extricates at a inopportune moment. A Gomes is a surprise attack that can happen anywhere and always occurs while fully dressed. For some reason it has been know to occur at a disproportional rate while walking home from school. Perhaps due to being overly bored in class all day? To be called a Gomes is to be called this. Simply Nasty!
Example 1:

Mario: Yo Angelo, did ya here what happened to Levio?

Angelo: What?

Mario: He pulled the biggest, nastiest Gomes ever when eating lunch with his Mom at Olive Garden yesterday!

Angelo: No fucking way!

Mario: Yeah, the diarrhea ran all down his leg and onto the carpet and waiter yelled at him and told him he had to clean it up.

It soaked right through his shorts!

Angelo: Jesus.

Example 2:

Hey Gomes, that's my last fucking beer! Hands off Gomes!
by knobgobbler69 May 23, 2008
To shit oneself by accident.
ROFL, did you hear about what happened to Eric on the way home from school? Yeah, he pulled a Gomes. Diarrhea running all down his leg.
by Smotts March 08, 2005
To shit your pants while walking home from school.
I just gomesed in my pants.
by Kewl Kid March 07, 2005
The act of ejaculating during anal sex. Only valid when describing orgasm during anal sex.
Last night, I gomed her.
by superandy & the cobra June 18, 2009
Epic, yet avoidable Fuck Up. Has its origins with Tottenham Hotspurs FC Goalkeeper Huerelho Gomes, who has a nack for making the difficult saves look easy while messing up simple saves

Can also mean a fuck up that is derived from overthinking a situation that requires quick thought.

See also. Usless.
To pull a Gomes: 'Dude, I just dropped my phone in the toilet!'

'Well you shouldn't have been talking on it while having a piss you fucking Gomes'

To Gomes. 'Is this my stop? dang, I hate taking the bus, If I get off here, I can go round the corner to the shop, maybe bump into a hottie and...Ah Fuck...missed it...total Gomes.'
by Jazzmonkey April 15, 2011
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