1.Interjection. Can be used interchangeably with "Hmm" to fill space in a conversation or express boredom.

Has also, in rare cases, been used as a synonym for the word "come".
"Gome... so what do we do now?"
"Watch out, I'm goming for you!!"
by Raemanzu September 13, 2008
A low-level grunt who does the shitwork that nobody else wants to or is willing to do. Usually used in the technical field in reference to data entry.
Ted said they'd need to get a couple of gomes in to finish up the TPS reports.
by epoxybrain June 02, 2005
To go home. Consists of parts of two words "go" and "home" and is put together in a shorter and much easier form.
I think i'm done today, so i think i'm gonna gome! Are you goming very late or earlier tonight?
by Mamma-Janis September 26, 2005
can be defined as "The Big Tub", "The Great One", "The Great White Shark", or simply "The Don of Poker".
Did you see Gomes today ?
Yea, he was parked illegally and got a ticket.
by Bob May 05, 2005
That way cool dude that all the ladies love. He works at Subway and makes a killer sandwich. Gansta playa that gets all deez....PHATITUDE!!!!
Dang, I just ate me an awesome Gomes sandwich!
by Tommy Van Vliet April 28, 2005

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