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A "Goltagon" is a large majestic beast that dwells in the lonely hills of West Liberty, Kentucky. It was breeded from a Goat,Dinosaur and The average House-cat. It is roughly 7 feet tall in Height, and 200-230 pounds in weight. It Swallowed a tazer at birth there for it has amazing powers to shoot Lightning from its mouth and Limbs. It has Rocket feet that allow it to Fly up to great Heights. It like to eat Oak Trees and dead Horses. Its Feces Smells and tastes of strawberries. If you by any chance encounter said beast, DO NOT attempt to run be cause he will indeed fuck your shit up.
LOOK! Its a "Goltagon!" Its so Beautiful! LET US FUCK IT!
by kusDYLANdli October 25, 2010
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