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The Reiter family is the proud owner of this sturdy car. Driving around with three people in the front is a must for this 1992 Oldsmobile. It is often said to have character which is exemplified through it's bling-bling Gold exterior and the pink fuzzy steering wheel cover on the interior. This car has had many adventures such as being driven into bushes, being hit by uncontrollable deer (it seems to be a deer magnet), lost gas on occasion, been written all over, had the keys locked in the car, and is currently missing one hubcap. It is well loved and appreciated by everyone who has the privilege to drive in.
Bekah, in a panicked voice: "Dad, I'm running out of gas on the beltway."
Dad says calmly: "Oh, you're fine, you have plenty of gas."
<She finally makes it home, coasting all the way. As dad goes to fill the tank up with gas, the car stops in the middle of the road. The next day...>
Bekah: "I told you so."
by Bubba March 02, 2005
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