Licking the Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco, California. This can be done by placing one's tongue on the towers or cables that support the bridge.
Road trip to SF! lets go #golding.

Whats that?

When we lick the golden gate bridge!
but its raining
more reason to do it!
by not german April 04, 2012
Top Definition
Long Meat,Ultimate Sex God,irresistable to women
Went down like a golding on heat
by Boizrus October 11, 2006
as your getting head, quickly remove cock and right when your getting ready to get off sharply jam your dick in her eye at the same time of ejaculation (make sure this one thrust counts cause your only getting one chance)... if done right the lady friend should have suffered a concussion and her retina will turn blood red.
Golding your mom was so fun last night!!!
by wes leeper November 06, 2007
The act of placing pound coins into ones foreskin.
Dave was excellent at golding he managed to get eight pound coins into his foreskin.
by Orbitron August 13, 2008
Golding; Is the name given to a person or persons. Who are Money hungry, Only cares for themselves, Nasty individual who enjoys bringing down other's. To his or her level. Which is lower than scrum off a snakes dick. A golding has very low self respect, usually Fat, untidy and smell like shit. Also feels the needs to buy Friendship's. But in general a very lonely sole.
1) That Joe Blow is a full on Golding.
2)Look at the bunch, of Golding's standing over there going through that rubbish bin. no wonder they smell like shit.
by Felony One March 05, 2010
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