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A member of the popular site www.Newgrounds.com and the KKK. He believes it is fun to act as though he is black, at the same time of being a KKK member since he was 3. He writes in slang at a level which interferes with the understanding of his messages. He does not have any friends and he pretends to have outrages amounts of girlfriends when in fact he only has 1 who has the mass of 100's of teenage females, which is his mother. He also pretends to be a pimp, which he actually is (for males) He is considered by 95% of all other Newgrounds members a disgracre to all humans.
Goldencat is a fucking fag.
by Shadic December 20, 2004

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A white 12 year old son of a bitch who looks like he went into a south pole shopping spree, he thinks he is a "pimp" and regularly raps about how he "did your mom" he is the most hated person on Newgrounds. People want him to go to a ghetto to get shot and killed.
A quote by Goldencat would be "fo'shizzle i pimped yo' momm hata"
by Dillon aka gotunks4 December 20, 2004