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I Am Error

A semi-popular phrase from the second Zelda game - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Typically useless, but has one small line besides his trademark that is actually a hint.

Was named as a joke, as there is another NPC in the game named Bagu that looks the same. Bagu was supposed to be "Bug."
I talked to the purple guy, but all he said was "I AM ERROR."
by Shadic March 14, 2009
A member of the popular site www.Newgrounds.com and the KKK. He believes it is fun to act as though he is black, at the same time of being a KKK member since he was 3. He writes in slang at a level which interferes with the understanding of his messages. He does not have any friends and he pretends to have outrages amounts of girlfriends when in fact he only has 1 who has the mass of 100's of teenage females, which is his mother. He also pretends to be a pimp, which he actually is (for males) He is considered by 95% of all other Newgrounds members a disgracre to all humans.
Goldencat is a fucking fag.
by Shadic December 20, 2004
a slow and fat asshole who stops moving when a phone is ringing for no apparent reason. He has been proven to be mentally retarded and gay. For some reason he gets viruses constantly. He makes strange beeping noises when he wakes up again for no apparent reason. Although he doesn't spend that much money, he still isn't worth living. Other retards like him.
Man, that dial up is one slow piece of shit!!!
by Shadic January 10, 2005

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