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Popular slang term to describe a woman's breasts; Huge titties; Big jugs or melons; large boobs.
Oh wow, man, look at those GOLDEN BOZOS!
by Creamster January 08, 2005
When you have an orgasm from penetration alone.
I didn't even know golden bozos were possible until I got fucked by Cameron.
by snugglez July 09, 2013
a fantastic set of breasts. Must be at least a full C. They protrude from clothing.
Man! Marissa has a nice set of Golden Bozos.

I'd really love to motor boat Marissa's Golden Bozos!!

"This may sound weird but I think Mr. Gallespy my gym teacher has a nice set of Golden Bozo's."
by J. Foreskin August 07, 2008
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