Noun.) Another name for the very bald, and very creepy principal of Fairfax Highschool. Along with his baldness and extremely awkard way with speech, he oddly resembles Voldemort from Harry Potter. Especially at graduation when he is fully cloaked. Goldemort is name math; Goldfarb+Voldemort=Goldemort. Goldemort tends to keep his head uncommonly shiny, almost blindingly so. Add this to his uncanny blank eyed dark lord stare, and youve got your self one deranged Tom Riddle.
Student #1: "AHHHHH!!!! MY SCAAAR!"
Student #2: "Chill out choosen one, its just Goldemort."

Student #3: "Did you hear about the new dress code?"
Student #4: "Oh yeah... I heard Goldemort is making us wear cloaks with pointy hats and masks that dont actually conceal your identity whatsoever."
Student #3: "Bloody hell..."
by The real "Griffin"dore. December 15, 2010

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