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a disciple of Cthulhu
if your gonna read the Necronomicon, you should ask him, he's a total James White
by Delapoer March 23, 2004
a straight catholic cracker. ranking officer in KKK.
no, keep your minority friends away from him, he's a James White.
by Geddy Lee March 22, 2004
A mask made out of old men's scrotum tissue.
did you see him? he looked really hot wearing that James White!
by Jessicka March 24, 2004
as a fireman, this huggable bear-like benedictine boy LOVES country music (ew) and wearing cowboy boots. A southern boy at heart, he enjoys playing with the cutest little cousin ever, and listening to Bruce Springsteen while doing ballet (hahaha)
James: "give me a hug"
by frenchie, manderz, ah-nold January 30, 2005
When someone mixes Cum and Mung and funnels up into a girl, and then sends a snake with it's mouth sewed shut in after it.
she had to see a gastroenterologist after he gave her a James White.
by Abdul alhazred March 21, 2004
An aryan Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatic
Watch out for him, he has a Blue eyes White Dragon, a real "James White"
by Kaiba March 22, 2004
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