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1. Color changing character (Like a round chameleon, round because it is gol which means circular in Bengali)
Ruzlan is such a gola, I don't like him!
#two faced #chameleon #colour changing #roll #pattis
by yolo2007 April 27, 2014
Word meaning the vagina in a rather exhausted form, ofte found being shouted at girls by males when it is thought that they may have a rather loupin gash. Commonly used in the town Laganas, Greece.
Check out that Gola over there!
#hanging hams #fanny flaps #as wide as the clyde #like pinging a dout in a close #loupin gash.
by Zante2k10 July 19, 2010

1. An transparently pathetic imitation of a blatantly superior entity (deriving from Gola athletic wear, which tries in vain to copy superior mainstream brands like Nike and Adidas)

2. Generally crap
1. 'Virgin cola is gola'

2. 'How's the new pizza place in town? I heard it was alright'

'Nah, mate, it's pure gola'
#crap #shit #lame #wank #fake
by Sully Charlio June 08, 2007
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