a random long hair that grows in a place where hair doesn't normally grow.
Dude, the goink on my eyelid came back...

by lovepie October 03, 2009
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A person that's half Korean and half Chinese. The term comes from Gook (a derogatory term for Koreans) and Chink (a derogatory term for Chinese or Asians in general). It is not meant as an insult as it is actually a nickname.

Can also be called "Chook", another, different mashup of "Gook" and "Chink".
"It's okay Goink, I will still be your friend even if you are a filthy half-breed."
by IAMGOINK March 08, 2010
To place both your balls in a partners mouth, then repeatedly slap their nose with your tumescent penis in a vigorous manner, preferably whilst waving your other arm in the air.
-Last night I was with a real slut, she let me goink the hell out of her.

by CaptainParty January 09, 2009
A person normally found wearing cheap £4 denim jeans (usually from primark) and a black band tshirt. Hair is normally unkempt and there is a rugged bum fluff esque beard.If lucky, a goink may also be seen wearing a denim jacket. Footwear is always either brown shoes or hi-tech trainers that you can buy for about £5.
Ah man that guy is such a goink,
Look at that goink in the led zepplin tshirt
Only goinks would wear something as unstylish as that
by dannyjeff October 28, 2008
The onomatopoeia for being poked in the eye
"Oh crap, that stick just goinked me in the eye!"

"Come here so i can goink you in the eye with my finger"
by GrolschMan February 17, 2010
Derived from the witnessing of actions of the severly mentally handicapped. Word is often accompanied with both arms in motion, hands clasped with only the index fingers extended, right arm pointed upward and left arm pointed to center of body. Meaning is: that is dumb or they, you or I am dumb.
As a Verb: He goinks at the driver for not taking his turn at the stop sign.

As a Noun: Lewis is such a freaking Goink.

As an Interjection: That was stupid, GOINK!

I should know, I made up the word goink. All other definitions are not as applicable, GOINK!

by Somebody that knows Blake April 22, 2007
The part of your finger above your knuckles, and below your first joint. It's about an inch long.
"Do you have hair on your goink?"
"Can I suck on your goink?"
by allana September 30, 2006

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