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An adaptation on the work gank. When you are in the process of ganking an object, you say the word "Goink" while doing so. Goink is usually used in a friendly manner when you are stealing something with the full knowledge but not permission of the owner.
"I'm going to take your pen" *Reach out hand and place it on pen.* "Goink!" *Take the pen.*
by Jen June 11, 2004
A name used to discribe a small, cute thing, animal, child, etc.
After looking at the striped tiger kitten, the girl exclaimed, "What a cute, little goink!"
by It is me April 17, 2003
To be confused in a moment of importance and not realize what you say.
"Damn, I got goinked when my turn came around that I just said the first thing that came to my mind and humiliated myself"
by Anonymous January 19, 2003
Verb. To have sex; to have sex with. Basically, a synonym for screw.
"I can't believe you two finally goinked!" -- Mell in Narbonic
by crazymell April 23, 2006
a sound a nut makes *you know what i mean*when it hits the floor or ground
hey penis man just went goink
by goinkers June 16, 2007