To refuse to wear a coat, irregardless of the temperature outside.
A) It's snowing outside aren't your going to grab your coat?
B) Nope, I'm going Canadian.
by Woobilly Beall November 08, 2010
Top Definition
The polar opposite of Going Comando. This usually happens when its too cold to Go Comando therefor you end up wearing at least one (or more) layer(s) of undergarments to keep the nether region warm.
Me - Dude what took you so long in the bathroom? You nearly missed the entire 3rd quarter.
Him - Sorry. I'm Going Canadian and it took me forever to get through all those layers.
by Gruteman October 02, 2012
To go without underwear. Sometimes meaning to wear no layer of underwear beneath a pair of long underwear or stockings/nylons. Also "going commando" or "free-balling." Used in areas of the United States.
"Hey bro, I've used up all my underwear and haven't done the laundry yet. Can I borrow yours?"
"No way. You're going Canadian today."
by Nicola D January 14, 2014

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