1. Upgrade of going ham. Why? Because you can get good ham any day of the week, great turkey you get once a year.

2. When white people go "all out"

3. Originated from CoD: Black Ops Zombies by N. Fountain and B. Schaut
"Damn! you just went turkey on all them!"

On CoD 30-5 "Im going turkey!"
by N Fountain July 07, 2011
Top Definition
Going harder than hard. An updated and more bad ass version of "going ham". This term is not to be used lightly, for it surpasses going ham.

It may include but is not limited to: Drinking insane amounts of grain alcohol till you can't hold your own head up, puking while drinking and then continuing to drink, no sleep, mass amounts of illegal substances, moonshine, hunch punch or absinthe may be a factor.
After 8th shot of 151... "Bro, I am GOING TURKEY tonight!!!!!"
by motorboat26 June 07, 2011
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