Gogo is fast pace, in your face washington d.c. metro area music most likely created by the proclaim "Godfather of Gogo" chuck brown. It consist of bands old and new. A more old school band, EU appeared in spike lee's school daze. but their is a new breed Backyard, TCB, UCB, CCB, MDB, MOB, and many more. They shout out many hoods in the area such as surrattsville high, kentland, forrest creek, and other dangerous neighborhoods. Many local gangs the baddest is the Breed Boyz consist of X, Ed lover, and the MDB Band.
Gogo music for your soul.
by POLO OF TCB April 01, 2006
type of music characterized by alot of bass, drums, keyboard and other instruments. Re-makes of other songs. In my opinion it is the best type of music that is not mainstream. originated in Washington DC, popular in the tri-city area (Virginia, DC, Maryland) accept Baltimore coz we dont claim Bmore coz dey just some bammas.
TCB, BYB, MOB, CCB, Reaction, Rare Essance. These are all popular Gogo bands.
by Jessica Gogohead May 05, 2006
GO GO Is the Muzic that comes from my HOMETOWN OF D.C.
Me And my NIggas Listen to that Shit. Uless Ur from D.C, Dont Talk About Shit U dont KNow About. Trust me this is gonna BLOW UP.
Go Go Bands of D.C.Tcb,Ucb,Backyard,Reaction,Ccb,Tob.
by MY NAME DONT MATTER May 26, 2006
keep rocking wit dat pacman poppin!
Tcb has a bangin cd dat jus came out.-polos b-day
by maria February 25, 2005
Music using a drums as da main beat originated n da DC area but seems liek very1 want a gogo band now
Dc's number 1 station for hiphop, r&b and, gogo.
by NP09 December 05, 2005

GoGoRadio is a 24-hour online radio station dedicated to Go-Go music and its listeners. GoGoRadio originates from the home of Go-Go music, Washington D.C. Go-Go music continues to be a preferred source of entertainment for thousands of Washington metropolitan area residents. This station is dedicated to satisfying its deep-rooted fan base.
DC GoGo Music. The only 24/7 gogoradio station.

by lcade October 22, 2006
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