awkward, speechless, a moment when you don't know what to say
One day, Catherine went straight into her daughter's room after work and shouted "LET'S GO DRINKING NOW" Jennifer felt so gogo..

James and Apple sat on the bed, Jennifer stood by the side of the bed. James' mom came up and asked Jennifer, "WHAT IS JAMES AND APPLE DOING?" Jennifer is gogo.
by charketchupmonkey September 16, 2010
The definition of cool.
Michael wants to be gogo because he is a loser who has no friends.
by Michael December 13, 2003
A Japanese assassian from Kill Bill. She protects O-Ren Ishi, one of the 5 responsible for The Bride's tragedy.

She's only 17 but kills without question or reason. She's sexy but her violent nature makes you shiver and creep out.

Even though the character is chilling and psychotic, the actor that plays her is hot! :)
"Do you still wish to penetrate me? ...Or is it I who has penetrated you?"
by Bloody Cape January 02, 2005
An asian (preferably Japanese) girl who has a bad tempter or has psychological issues. Go Go is usually used as a warning to other guys to steer clear of her.
Guy 1: "Damn, check out that Japanese girl, she's fucking sexy! I think I'll go have a drink with her!"

Guy 2: "No! Don't dude, she's a Go Go!"
by AcidTears January 03, 2005
Gasoline, fuel for your g-ride.

Don't you know, go go ain't free?
by Wodie & Beana February 25, 2006
Weird music originated in DC.
Let me wipe my butt with some Go Go.
by spitfire January 09, 2005
Clown ass music started by "bammas" (also a clown ass word used by dc folk) that trys to be like club music but falls way short. all they do are bang on bongos and talk into a mic sounding like drunken monkeys.
You did you hear that bull shit that made it on the radio.

yeah the were re doing "pieces of me" they can never do there own shit

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