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Derived from the term "Beer Goggles", which is the enhancement of one's visual appearance aided by alcohol, and "oogling", which is checking out a member of the opposite sex.
The term means, that when said individual is intoxicated and is checking out a member of the opposite sex, but isn't sure if this person is actually attractive or if they are just too drunk.
George: What are you doing?
Tim: Checking out the broads
George: Dude! They're so butch! Looks like your goggling again
by FriendlyFriend January 04, 2009
to search ("google") while wearing Google Glass
Tim just got Google Glass - let's find out if goggling is any faster than googling with your phone.
by This name is being used March 25, 2013
derived from the term google-oggling, which refers to the act of oggling stuff people google.

It is mostly used in the depths of IRC channels, but has recently made it's way to the surface as a mainstream phrase.
he spent his time goggling the women on his google image search for 'garter'.
by Hexbomber January 04, 2011