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Petty, chain smoking, wannabe Goths that hang out in "The Chase", outside a surf store. Often very smelly and highly stingy, most are simply centre-link bludging idiots.
Also Perth's largest gang.
"Fuck I can smell those god-damn gogans from here"
"You are a fucking gogan"
by Sexual Fiend September 15, 2005
The act of leaving or needing to leave some place. To Go.
Hey you guys wanna Garrett outta here? Yea let's getta gogan!
#gogan #go #leave #stay #arrive #garrett
by Lou Spudol March 01, 2011
The primitive, axe-wielding warrior from the TurboGrafx-16 game, The Legendary Axe.
Even though Legendary Axe is a knock-off of Astyanax, it is still fun to play as Gogan, whoopin' up on the Jagu to rescue Flare.
#gogan #legendary axe #astyanax #jagu #flare
by T.Ract November 03, 2006
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