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An article is labeled as being in Goff Corner if it is an article in a mainstream newspaper on a topic of some significance (e.g. an important political issue) where the emphasis may not suit the 'party line' of the newspaper; and thus the article is to be found on a page somewhere in the middle of the section at a position in the bottom corner of the page, surrounded by a large advertisement (usually for a car company) on one side and with an article, of marginal (or lower) importance, above.
I'm in a state of news-rage after seeing Osama bin Laden relegated to Goff Corner in today's Washington Post.

Did you see that John Howard was in Goff Corner of the Sydney Morning Herald today?

George W. Bush can't get out of Goff Corner in the New York Times now that he's no longer the President.
by Springbok27 February 24, 2009
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