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A booty so good that when you see it, you let out a godzilla roar
Oh shit did you see that godzilla-booty?! *RAWWWWWR* goddamn
by JusticeZERO December 16, 2015
(for the lack of a better definition); a big freaking ass.

A Godzilla booty is the most elusive of the booties in the booty family.

Sometimes spelled Jenifer Lopez.

A large quantity.
Hey Jennie check out that Godzilla-booty its huge.

Eric, i just got a Godzilla-booty amount of homework today.

You better get on the dance floor and shake that Godzilla booty you're working with.
#kim kardashian #bounce bounce #jiggle #load #wobbler
by Mayor McPimpin' January 20, 2011
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