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Satisfying the sexual needs of a physically unattractive or extremely over weight person.
Bill: Adam, that chick is nasty, how can you be hitting that?
Adam: Hey man, I am just doing God's work!
by Fauxcasion February 09, 2006
When you take your security job to the next level and you do more then just observe and report inccidents, but you regulate and serve justice in a world of injustice. As you serve your duties you realize the it is not a job, but you are doing divine will in your actions.
After I found the mother of the missing child, I realized it felt good to be doing God's Work.
by divine justice October 18, 2009
to save a fellow bro from being cockblocked when he is trying to get with his girl. if they are both over the girls house or guys house then the third wheel will stop anything from cockblocking his bro (younger/older sibilings, parents)
"thanks for doing gods work back there man, if you didnt stop her little brother then i wouldnt of gotten it in, yaa buddy.
by nmelto78 August 20, 2011
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