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A person who has a goat for a face. Not that they have a goat's head for a face, or that their head is a goat's head, but their face is an ENTIRE goat.
"So anyways, Jeff, I was calling you up because I wanted to join your Goatface club. Seeing as how you got quite a Goatface yourself, I figured you'd be the go to guy. It's hard to tell with that Goatface of yours. Anyway, my number is EEE AAAHH, so gimme a call sometime. We can compare Goatfaces. And I cant imagine that yours... you.. yours is pre-- it--- you're ugly. This is Kyle calling, and you're ugly."
by Kyle1 November 25, 2005
Not that my face is a goat's face, or my head is a goat's head. My face is an entire goat.
Marzipan, look. This is goat face. I have a goat for a face.
by bowser724 February 22, 2008
The act of a male rubbing his beard (similar to that of a goat) on a females vagina
EX 1:

AJ Lee: Daniel Bryan totally tried to goatface me last night but i told him i wasnt ready
Candice Michelle: dude your such a pussy

EX 2:
Dude 1: dude i totally goatfaced this bitch last night
Dude 2: dude your beard is totally going to get herpes now
by WWEbabe666 July 23, 2012
when a man has a large beard that makes him look slightly goatlike.
Girl 1:Have you seen John's new beard
Girl 2: Yeah, it's why we call him goatface.
by Sarah and Miranda June 03, 2013
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