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Gnomz was a French cell comic creation site with separate mirrors for English and Russian users. The site also featured it's own forum, and blog-ring. Users were given an array of characters and background templates to use, along with an option to upload personally created characters. Gnomz was largely based on the ideals of free-speech and political satire, but ultimately failed to gain popularity outside of it's regular users. Gnomz reached the height of it's popularity when it was featured on G4's 'Attack of the Show', but is now remains as a completely defunct URL.
User 1: Did you see Grouchobeer made a new comic on Gnomz?
User 2: What else is new?
User 3: how do i upload a avitar?1?
by zraid June 29, 2011
Gnomz is a french/english comic creating website, used for mainly political satire and created works and blogs. Gnomz has since basically split from it's French side and has become an entirely different side of the website.
Man 1: Hey, do you go on Gnomz?
Man 2: Yeah, I do a few comics on there.
Man 1: Flint Sucks
by Mr. Purple November 29, 2008

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