A gnome that likes to fuck other gnomes
You fucking gnomosexual! I thought your wife was a night elf!
by tater February 15, 2005
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adj. Sexually attracted to short people.
"Allie hooked up with another short bloke last night, I'm starting to think she might be gnomosexual."
by fgcp October 09, 2009
Sexually attracted to highly intelligent persons and/or interpreters of the same or opposite gender.
Derp 1: Why's Bob all over Janice? All she does after interpreting at CERN conferences is go home and play Scrabble online.
Derp 2: He must be a gnomosexual. He's been looking up local linguistics seminars to take her out to.
Derp 1: There's this video place down the street, they have all kinds of tongue on those Blu-Rays in the back room.
by Neology PhD August 26, 2013
A garden or yard gnome of the homosexual persuasion.
Bryan The Gnome is an avid gnomosexual.
by TheGnomeArmy.com October 08, 2007

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