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A device used by dyslexic pot-smokers
Hey, pass me the gnob after you put some fresh water in it.
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003
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refers to a bong, code for smoking out of bong
"Yo playa, let's go hit the gnob."
by Playboy November 11, 2003
Bong. Derived from bong ('bon-g' specifically) in reverse, pronounced 'gee-knob'.
"Sorry I bailed last night, hit the g-nob a bit too hard."
by Hawt S August 21, 2005
A little blaze sesh before going out or perhaps a bedtime bowl.
"Ally you down for a little gnob in the capitol before Gator's house?"
by Delaney Maher October 04, 2006

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