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Emphasis of the word Garly on the word nasty..... worse than nasty
"Damn, that shit you took smells gnarsty, like seriously that smells hardcore
by trevorOPimp April 27, 2004
16 8
Something thats is grows nasty or sick but there is interest and amazement in it. Then ending up being a hybrid of the word gnar and nasty which ends up gnarsty
Joe "Man have you seen the worlds biggest turd"
Darnell "Damn I aint looking at that shit you're sick"
Harold "It's pretty gnarsty I tell you
by Gnar brawr December 09, 2010
35 10
Of, or pertaining to the words gnarly and nasty

The words gnarly and nasty put together:
Can be described as something nasty or disgusting;
or something awesome and impressive
Wtf is that gnarsty smell?

Damn that trick you pulled off there was gnarsty as hell
by iEnjoi February 17, 2008
7 2
snowboarder lingo used to express awesome slopes
Example 1: Dude, i'm gonna go tear up the gnarsty slopes, catchya lataa

Example 2: Dude, your face looks gnarsty in those goggles.

Example 3: Dude, did you see that chick ova there? she's gnarstyyy
by Cleopatra696969696969 March 19, 2008
5 4
The combination of the words gnarly and nasty reffering to a nickname commonly used by the man known as Nicholas Blade Hopwood.
Yo Gnarsty, how is life going for you?
by GNARSTYGNICK August 07, 2008
3 6