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Something thats is grows nasty or sick but there is interest and amazement in it. Then ending up being a hybrid of the word gnar and nasty which ends up gnarsty
Joe "Man have you seen the worlds biggest turd"
Darnell "Damn I aint looking at that shit you're sick"
Harold "It's pretty gnarsty I tell you
by Gnar brawr December 09, 2010
Emphasis of the word Garly on the word nasty..... worse than nasty
"Damn, that shit you took smells gnarsty, like seriously that smells hardcore
by trevorOPimp April 27, 2004
Of, or pertaining to the words gnarly and nasty

The words gnarly and nasty put together:
Can be described as something nasty or disgusting;
or something awesome and impressive
Wtf is that gnarsty smell?

Damn that trick you pulled off there was gnarsty as hell
by iEnjoi February 17, 2008
snowboarder lingo used to express awesome slopes
Example 1: Dude, i'm gonna go tear up the gnarsty slopes, catchya lataa

Example 2: Dude, your face looks gnarsty in those goggles.

Example 3: Dude, did you see that chick ova there? she's gnarstyyy
by Cleopatra696969696969 March 19, 2008
The combination of the words gnarly and nasty reffering to a nickname commonly used by the man known as Nicholas Blade Hopwood.
Yo Gnarsty, how is life going for you?
by GNARSTYGNICK August 07, 2008
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