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Nickname: (Glee-ka) (The Greek word for "Sweetness")

A term used to describe someone who is abnormally kind, and holds strong qualities of compassion, wisdom, and beauty. Due to it's origin, this is also used to describe someone who is quite spiritual. Glyka's are also very loving, and their strong sense of compassion leads them to be understanding and forgiving. Accepting someone for who they are is almost second nature to a Glyka.

Being known as Glyka is a strong compliment, and one should always strive to fulfill the indications of such a nickname. Finding yourself in a relationship with Glyka is a place of incredible luck, and one should not be willing to let it go easily.
"I know a Glyka in the mountains, greatest girl I ever met."

"And for her beauty and love she will be known as 'Glyka.'"
by 01Captain May 07, 2012
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