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A Canadian Twitter party centered around an awards show. Hashtagged with #glush, anyone can join this drinking game. A bad toast, a bad dress, or a drink on camera and everyone enjoys a digital toast, knocking one back at home, together in spirit. Digital party FTW!
Are you going to join the GLUSH party tonight?
by RL IRL April 27, 2010
The single most useful word in the English language. Originally descended from an individual more mythical than man. Noun - an individual who is almost beyond description; incomprehensible to the human mind. Verb - to completely destroy a person's will to live; to humiliate them; to tell someone to go to hell in a way that they almost look forward to the journey.
Oh my god man, did you see what happened to Melky earlier? The Glush got pissed about not having any bread pudding, she got in his way, and then she got uber glushed with a capital G.
by Edward S. August 29, 2007
to become intoxicated particularly by an alcoholic beverage, to the point of extrememe nonsense.
Heather and Carly quesadilla got glushed after taking swigs from the mexican at the bus station's bottle.
by Carly Quesadilla June 29, 2006
An occurrence or feeling of akwardness arising from an encounter that makes you want to blush, or become uncomfortable, but also stimulates or arrouses you in a sexual manner.
I could not help but to Glush when while at dinner with my entire family, Geena announced what she wanted to do to me later that night.
by LCS May 23, 2007
My grandmother's disparaging expression for mister George W. Bush.
Glush is still popular and I like him
by Andrius March 03, 2008

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