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The natural process of the earth heating up over time in between glaciations. In recent times this process has been sped up dramatically because of the burning of fossil fuels, as well as occurances in nature as the result of global warming. The increase in heat leads to ocean levels rising, lifeforms dying, and people becoming pissed off. Over time it can cause massive climate shifts.
People use the fact that global warming is a natural process to ignore that we are dramatically increasing the speed at which it occurs.
by SpaceDolphin January 20, 2006
continuing increase in the average temperature of the air and the oceans
If we cannot reverse global warming, how long before we run out of party ice?
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
A heating of the earth caused by people who are simply too hot.
Paul is so hot, he must be the cause for global warming.
by Kiercon9000 March 09, 2011
what my friend wants me to write a report on over summer vacation. It has some thing to do with the Earth being so polluted that the Earth is going to kill its own people. Or something like that...
Fruit Loops: Write a report on Global Warming.
ME: Huh? Global Warming? What is it gonna warm the Earth up so much that its gonna turn oceans into jacoozies? Cool!
Fruit Loops: Uh huh... sure...
by Short Stuf July 15, 2004
the warmings of the globe
holy shit! global warming has warmed the globe 1 degree higher in the last 100 years!!!! lets panic!!!
by Mike12424124 August 20, 2007
A term which has been the subject of much heated debate. It is either used to describe consequential escalating global temperatures or the tree huggers' fear weapon to fuel the "Go Green" movement.

Go read another def if you're looking for more of a bais.
Whether global warming is just hype or not, it has made us more aware of the signifiacant impact we have on our planet. That HAS to count for something good.
by Viva _Verde July 31, 2009
A natural system, well tweaked out by the Earth, that human beings may (or may not) be throwing out of balance. Despite the fact that it is becoming popular to deribe people who adhere to theories about Global Warming that hold that humans have begun to have a detrimental influence on this as "politicaly correct, hypocritical, faux-hippies who just want to feel good about themselves," doing so only helps further polarize both sides of the issue, driving them away from finding a compormise satisfactory to both environmental groups and business interests (though that is not to say that GW supporters do not do the same thing just as often i.e. "Big Oil Fascists," etc.})
Global Warming- If we can't fucking talk about with out calling each other names, it'll never get to the point where people will be willing to stop talking about it (either because it has been disproven, or because people have begun to take the steps to fight it.)
by FVZA May 20, 2006