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when you're talking to a girl and your coming off too strong or acting nervous or scared to talk to her
EX 1
girl: hi

guy: ugh ugh.....

girl: (walks away)

guys friend: yo bro you cant be so Glitty

(however this word can also be used in the place of any word referring to vagina; as in getting some)

EX 2

guy: yo bro you getting some glitty tonight?

firend: you kno im bout that glitty?
Glitty niggahs never get pussy
by J. Meatz August 14, 2011
When a young lady dons glitter of any color on her breasts and/or nipples
"I got so into strippers i had my wife with Glitties"
"He's kinda weird, he's into Glitties"
"Shake those Glitties girl"
by Fluenzo March 11, 2014
The (usually) big breasts of a woman that have been covered in massive amounts of body glitter.
Did you see the pair of glitties on her? I was practically blinded by them!
by CAB1005 July 02, 2008
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